Jenna Carmen

Hi there, I’m Jenna Carmen! Throughout my years of personal training, Online Transformation Challenges & experience in the fitness industry, I’ve educated and supported many people just like you to improve their overall health & fitness levels.

My first question is, what appeals to you? Working out in the gym or the comfort of your own home? During the challenge you will learn how to train to increase your fitness and strength through regular workouts. Your workout will change weekly to shock your muscles & keep your body guessing.

Meal plans are updated weekly and are simple to follow.

(Choose from standard, vegetarian, lactose intolerant & gluten intolerant options.)

Ever heard of the phrase ‘’You are what you eat ?‘’ I strongly believe that our skincare regime should not only be based on topical products purchased at a store but that we should rather focus on choosing foods that contain anti-aging & revitalizing properties that make our skin glow! I am qualified in somatology, skincare & nutrition and have implemented food choices that will keep your skin looking younger for longer!

Before I started personal training, I took a gap year to do community work and give back. I have a passion for helping others. When people asked what I wanted to do career wise, I would say “I just want to help people! ” Fitness has become my ultimate love, and I now get to help women achieve their desired physique and be comfortable in their own skin. I hope to inspire you to strive for the better and be the best version of you.

Why join the challenge? As a former competitor, I strongly believe that when we have a goal, we are less likely to fall off the “band- wagon.” The challenge will help give you encouragement & endurance throughout your transformation.

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